Sunday, June 8, 2014

Blugre Coffee Shop, SM Lanang

Blugre Coffee Shop, SM Lanang

One thing I love about coffee shops is the ambiance. Elegant, relaxing, cozy and quiet. That's why even though it costs me some money and time, it wouldn't matter, I'm not just paying for the coffee anyway, but the place. One of my favorite coffee shops here in Davao is the Blugre Coffee Shop.

There are several Blugre's in Davao. There is one in Landco Corporate Building located at Bajada, and you can find one in SM Davao Ecoland Drive, one in Matina Town Square and one in SM Lanang. But among these locations, my favorite spot is the Blugre at SM Lanang located at the top floor. The reason is that the location is more relaxing, and just outside the shop you can feel the fresh air from above, and there are fountains too right outside the place.

Me, reading the coffee menu from afar.

Blugre Durian Coffee

My best choice at Blugre is their Durian Coffee. I love it so much that I couldn't forget the taste. It tastes more of durian, but the coffeeness is still there. The only thing I dislike about it is that as you drink half way, you could finally feel that it's so sweet, too sweet for my salty tongue. If you have a sweet tooth, this might be the best choice of coffee you could ever get. As for me, I like sweet foods but, I can't endure too much of it.

If you're a coffee hunter, you might as well enjoy the coffees at Blugre, and I recommend you drop a visit at SM Lanang's Blugre. From time to time I go there, too, just exploring alone the places because that's my sort of entertainment you know. But sometimes, when my sister is not busy with her studies, I bring her with me.

A Coffee Lover's Perspective

Sometimes other people don't get why coffee lovers really love going to coffee shops, when you can just actually buy a commercialized coffee from any stores, which is actually cheaper and simpler to make. Well, it's different if you go to coffee shops, different in a lot of ways. For me it's not all about coffee, but it's also about the place and the soothing feeling you get whenever you look at the delicious cakes presented on each divider. It's not about money, it's not about luxury and show-offs, it's about the feeling I get whenever I see lots of people going in and out to coffee shops wearing such different faces, it's the joy I get whenever I sip my coffee and tastes that its good, and think to myself that "This is good coffee. And I'm not the only person who enjoys this coffee. The owner must be happy."

If I'm the owner of a coffee shop, and I see that my customer is happy, I will be happy too.

Health tips: By the way, if you drink coffee, be sure to drink a lot of water afterwards or any time later. You see, like sodas, coffee is not a substitute for water.

300 Rise of an Empire: Seriously Not Recommended for Kids

I recently watched the movie "300 Rise of an Empire" with my cousin and Uncle at home. It was the follow-up to the 2007 film "300" taking place before, during, and after the events of the latter film. Honestly, I was itching to watch this film because I was fond of 3oo before, and simply because I liked the actor behind King Leonidas. Here came we watched it, and there was too much blood that my eyes couldn't take.

In the first part of the movie, I was enjoying it. But there  was blood here and there, and then later on the fighting events became more gross, more evil and heartless. I tried so hard to endure the bloodiness. I even screamed at one point when a Persian soldier sliced the Greek soldier's head into two, and it was so clear, so vivid, and so detailed. Blood gushing out directly from head, cut arms and legs, brutal piercing of sword and sliced intestines.

Immediately upon seeing those brutal war, I remembered my younger brother, Egay, aged thirteen. Just some days ago, I remembered he bought a DVD of 3oo Rise of an Empire, and I was suddenly distraught. I said to myself, "Oh no! Egay shouldn't watch this! No, no, no. Kids mustn't watch this kind of movie! It's too brutal to be true!"

And then I grabbed my phone and sent this message to my Mom:

"Did Egay watch the movie 300 already? If not, please, please, please tell him not to watch it. Tell him Ate Neen doesn't recommend that movie to him. It's too brutal and gross, totally not good for kids. Thanks Mom."

Then Mom said, "Not yet. I'll confiscate it from him then."

I WAS TOTALLY RELIEVED when Mom said that he hadn't watch it yet. Because you see, the movie was good, the story was good, the production was good--but it was not good for kids to watch such brutality! It can traumatize the kids mentality, you know.

Yes, most kids do understand the war concepts, and it's really a good thing if you make them understand the fighting stuff. In fact, parents should watch with their kids together, and make then understand the complicated parts of the movie. However, 300 Rise of an Empire was too much of brutality, too much war, too much blood and really, really gross.

So, as an older sister of four siblings, I don't highly recommend this movie to kids like them. I don't know about you. But I hope you understand my point.

You don't like your kid watching a brain gushing out from a human's skull, do you?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Deliciously Green Coffee, Green Coffee Shop

green coffee shop
from joykie

Coffee is like water to me, only that coffee isn't water. You can't drink coffee and taste nothing, because unlike water, coffee tastes good, and it smells good. I have been a coffee lover ever since my older brother introduced this aromatic drink to me, it was way back in high school.

I go out and do coffee shop hunting around the city, especially when I'm feeling distressed or if I just want to unwind, or if sometimes I feel like rewarding myself. Admittedly, this coffee madness is costly. But I don't just spend money like crazy, I make sure that when I spend money to coffee shop, then it must be worth it. 

One of the best coffee shops I have been in Davao is the one called "Green Coffee Shop." My friend introduced this shop to me when we hang out together, and well, I'm super glad she did! Green Coffee Shop is new but it's already spreading its awesomeness around the city, and among my coffee lover friends. I shall say the shop deserves it. Their milk teas are super awesome! 

One of their best sellers is "Freeziccino" and oh well, the taste would still linger! I would like to have another cup of Freeziccino again when I have time. I forgot how much it cost but, but I think it was around PHP180 or plus. 

Sometimes I think that if I keep on nurturing this coffee madness, I might go bankrupt--just kidding! The thing is, I do save an allotted budget just for coffee shops. Due to my love for coffee, I sometimes have a desire to put one as a business in the future, and hopefully I can. As of now, I enjoy being a customer. 

If you haven't been gone to Green Coffee Shop yet, I recommend that you must, maybe not now, but when you have time and budget. It is worth the coffee experience! 


You can find the Green Coffee Shop at J.P Laurel Avenue, going to Sasa, just few walks from Davao Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As for the transportation, if you're from downtown you can just ride on Route 4 Jeepney. There is also a branch of Green Coffee shop at SM Lanang Premier, 2/F. 

If you go there, you might see me, too. Haha! Who knows!

P.S Going to a coffee shop sometimes add a little drama to my writing hours.

Finally, a Blogger on Blogger.

Hello everyone, I'm Me, Jenine Silos at your humble service. I created this blogger account in behalf of my writing career, and well, I want to dominate Blogger as I have dominated Wordpress. You can say that I want to build connections through here, too, isn't that  a normal thing? Hoho.

Anyway, you might be wondering who I am, especially for the first timers who randomly came across to this site. By now you know my name right, but you don't know who I am. Let's start with basic introduction. 

I'm an Information Technologist, my homeland is General Santos City but I currently stay at Davao and mind you, I am in love with this brilliant city. Well, I'm not saying General Santos is not brilliant okay, it's just that I am more in love with Davao. That's how good it is here, and very safe, too. You wanna come here now? Or planning to? Just leave a comment, or send me a message, and I will tour you around. Woho, I sound like I'm advertising this city.

My main source of income is being a web developer, and now I'm targeting to be a graphics designer. I'm good with PHP and sometimes I'm in love with it. The framework I specialized in is Wordpress, so honestly, if you find my website here quite plain looking, don't blame me okay? I don't specialized in Blogger platform. I'm a Wordpress geek. But I want to be flexible to almost anything, so I tried Blogger, that's why here I am. You will see me more often now, haha.

Aside from making websites, I also manage my client's social media. That makes me a Social Media Manager and a Web Developer. In fact, I have a favorite client for two years, and his name is Gary Micheloni, a coach from America. He is very kind you know, and supports me in almost a lot of things, especially regarding my field of work and even in my writing career. You can say that I am too blessed to have known him, not just a client but also as a friend and a mentor. In point of fact, I give him a high respect.

So, what's this blog all about? Well, as I said, this will be my extension of my writing path. I write articles that I'll publish here, may it be self-help or how to's. However, my contents here would be more on the lifestyle here in Davao, or in GenSan, and wherever my feet lead me to. I will serve as your Virtual Tourist Guide and will give you tips and maps around the city I live at, in case you plan to visit the safest city in the Philippines. 

Well, I won't take too much of your time so, I'll end it here for the moment. If you are reading by this far, I shall congratulate you, and I beg of you, please add me to your circles and connect with me. I shall love to interact. 

With all the best,
Jenine Silos, Founder of MediaSilos 

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