Friday, June 6, 2014

Finally, a Blogger on Blogger.

Hello everyone, I'm Me, Jenine Silos at your humble service. I created this blogger account in behalf of my writing career, and well, I want to dominate Blogger as I have dominated Wordpress. You can say that I want to build connections through here, too, isn't that  a normal thing? Hoho.

Anyway, you might be wondering who I am, especially for the first timers who randomly came across to this site. By now you know my name right, but you don't know who I am. Let's start with basic introduction. 

I'm an Information Technologist, my homeland is General Santos City but I currently stay at Davao and mind you, I am in love with this brilliant city. Well, I'm not saying General Santos is not brilliant okay, it's just that I am more in love with Davao. That's how good it is here, and very safe, too. You wanna come here now? Or planning to? Just leave a comment, or send me a message, and I will tour you around. Woho, I sound like I'm advertising this city.

My main source of income is being a web developer, and now I'm targeting to be a graphics designer. I'm good with PHP and sometimes I'm in love with it. The framework I specialized in is Wordpress, so honestly, if you find my website here quite plain looking, don't blame me okay? I don't specialized in Blogger platform. I'm a Wordpress geek. But I want to be flexible to almost anything, so I tried Blogger, that's why here I am. You will see me more often now, haha.

Aside from making websites, I also manage my client's social media. That makes me a Social Media Manager and a Web Developer. In fact, I have a favorite client for two years, and his name is Gary Micheloni, a coach from America. He is very kind you know, and supports me in almost a lot of things, especially regarding my field of work and even in my writing career. You can say that I am too blessed to have known him, not just a client but also as a friend and a mentor. In point of fact, I give him a high respect.

So, what's this blog all about? Well, as I said, this will be my extension of my writing path. I write articles that I'll publish here, may it be self-help or how to's. However, my contents here would be more on the lifestyle here in Davao, or in GenSan, and wherever my feet lead me to. I will serve as your Virtual Tourist Guide and will give you tips and maps around the city I live at, in case you plan to visit the safest city in the Philippines. 

Well, I won't take too much of your time so, I'll end it here for the moment. If you are reading by this far, I shall congratulate you, and I beg of you, please add me to your circles and connect with me. I shall love to interact. 

With all the best,
Jenine Silos, Founder of MediaSilos 

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