Friday, June 6, 2014

Deliciously Green Coffee, Green Coffee Shop

green coffee shop
from joykie

Coffee is like water to me, only that coffee isn't water. You can't drink coffee and taste nothing, because unlike water, coffee tastes good, and it smells good. I have been a coffee lover ever since my older brother introduced this aromatic drink to me, it was way back in high school.

I go out and do coffee shop hunting around the city, especially when I'm feeling distressed or if I just want to unwind, or if sometimes I feel like rewarding myself. Admittedly, this coffee madness is costly. But I don't just spend money like crazy, I make sure that when I spend money to coffee shop, then it must be worth it. 

One of the best coffee shops I have been in Davao is the one called "Green Coffee Shop." My friend introduced this shop to me when we hang out together, and well, I'm super glad she did! Green Coffee Shop is new but it's already spreading its awesomeness around the city, and among my coffee lover friends. I shall say the shop deserves it. Their milk teas are super awesome! 

One of their best sellers is "Freeziccino" and oh well, the taste would still linger! I would like to have another cup of Freeziccino again when I have time. I forgot how much it cost but, but I think it was around PHP180 or plus. 

Sometimes I think that if I keep on nurturing this coffee madness, I might go bankrupt--just kidding! The thing is, I do save an allotted budget just for coffee shops. Due to my love for coffee, I sometimes have a desire to put one as a business in the future, and hopefully I can. As of now, I enjoy being a customer. 

If you haven't been gone to Green Coffee Shop yet, I recommend that you must, maybe not now, but when you have time and budget. It is worth the coffee experience! 


You can find the Green Coffee Shop at J.P Laurel Avenue, going to Sasa, just few walks from Davao Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As for the transportation, if you're from downtown you can just ride on Route 4 Jeepney. There is also a branch of Green Coffee shop at SM Lanang Premier, 2/F. 

If you go there, you might see me, too. Haha! Who knows!

P.S Going to a coffee shop sometimes add a little drama to my writing hours.